Franco Masci

Master Artisan Franco Masci was born and raised in Pistoia Italy in 1959. Developing the skills and cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation by his father he has captured the renaissance era of his surroundings during his youthful years beginning at the age of 13 when he became an entrepreneur. At 22 years old he traveled to the United States to continue learning artistic expressionism and to enjoy life's experiences in a new place.

Starting life anew in the golden state of California as a self taught artisan he began introducing his ideas of designing living space concepts using harmony and style which came from his original idea of classic cathedral gallery architecture. He designs and constructs every project utilizing 20 years of design and manufacturing experience in the golden state. He has experience dealing with designers, engineers, architects, contractors and owners of businesses with multimillion dollar budgets.

He can help you make your visual dream style come true!